A match made in ‘Trusty’ Heaven

I feel like I could be way too excited about this, but I have a huge fondness for The National Trust and I was pretty gutted when they released their, ’50 Things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4′ and I realised I was already about 20 and hadn’t managed to complete the list.

But my own childhood traumas aside, the news that The National Trust has decided to collaborate with the Children’s Publishing company, ‘Nosy Crow’ really made me smile. The sales in children’s books in The National Trust has risen significantly in the last year and with this growing success in mind, they have decided to expand their publishing range.

What I find so great about this partnership, is that both companies really have the best interests and ideas for what would be the most exciting way to involve children in the nature and history of the fantastic places The National Trust has to offer. With ideas flying around such as anthologies and sticker books, these two dynamic companies are sure to produce works that offer children in depth, exciting information on the fascinating historical places surrounding them and the opportunity to allow children to understand and experience the wonderful nature that is beautifully preserved by The National Trust.

This is sure to be a fantastic collaboration, and I don’t know about you, but I think purchasing these titles is a must that has to be added to children’s 50 things they have to do before they’re 11 and 3/4…



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