Walliams leads children’s market success for Super Thursday

Even in the face of all the Super Thursday titles released on the 8th October, David Walliams’ new fiction title Grandpa’s Great Escape, has topped the charts for a third week. This is the comedians eighth fiction novel, and he’s even nabbed biggest Children’s Fiction author title from Jeff Kinney who topped the charts last year.

This year, Super Thursday saw more than 500 titles published (a significant increase from last year), so with all these new entries, Walliams has proved he really is the new king of children’s fiction. Walliams’ success isn’t the only tell-tale sign that children’s publishing is continuing to grow. Super Thursday also proved that Walliams is leading children’s publishing to victory, along with Grandpa’s Great Escape, Bloomsbury’s new version of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was also running up in the lead at seventh place in all its newly illustrated glory. Jim Kay’s beautiful additions to this timeless classic ensures that this well loved book is sure to be on every child’s christmas list (and probably most adults too!)

However, this year is not over for children’s books, and a recent article in The Bookseller highlighted that there are some excellent new titles that we need to be watching. Jacqueline Wilson’s Little Stars, has also now featured in the charts at number 29, totalling Wilson’s books sales to almost 17 million! Liz Pichon has also released the newest addition to her Tom Gates series, Top of the Class (Nearly), which is in 19th place in the charts.

All in all, Super Thursday 2015 was a super year for children’s publishing, with sales up at 3% I am sure this shows us that children’s books are growing at a steady pace. Kids are enjoying reading their favourite books in physical copies and children’s publishers are ensuring they are providing them with the very best.



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