‘Coming to a Bookshop near You’ – Digital Marketing for Books

We’ve all heard of film trailers, advertisements on TV, but have you heard of book trailers? Is there a possibility that this is becoming a new trend and marketeers are finding it a useful tool to boost a books online presence? It is so easy nowadays to watch and share a funny or important video we stumble across on Facebook, and companies can also pay to have their advertisement published on your social media news feeds. Whichever way we look at it, there is no getting away from the fact that advertisements are easily watchable on social media. So what about books? Book trailers are being used increasingly more often and it shows that digital marketing can be an excellent way of gaining attention for a new book.

We’re all visual creatures, all the people sitting on the underground commuting to work are far more likely to read the advertisement in front of them over and over again, because it’s there. We like to watch and read things that are easily accessible to us, and if we have seen something in connection to a new film or product, we are far more likely to recognise the product later down the line. Similarly with seeing an advertisement for a book then, Joanna Penn confirms that:

‘Readers are 64% more likely to purchase your book if they see a book trailer that effectively promotes your book.’

If done well then, a book trailer can be used as a very advantageous tool in the sales of a book. So why is video marketing so great?

One: Once you’ve made and distributed your video, it’s FREE! People will continue to share and like the video all over the world, at all times of the day, so essentially your customers take on the marketing for you and distribute your video through social media, blogs and websites – viral marketing can be very effective to gain overnight attention for your product.

POSITIVES: This is great, cost effective way to ensure that you have a continuing presence for your book, if your sensation takes off, you can almost solely rely on the consumer to spread your product through word of mouth.

NEGATIVES: Sometimes viral marketing really is only just an overnight sensation, therefore depending on when the release date of your book is, the time the trailer should be released would have to be taken into careful consideration.

Two: The Internet is an explosive medium, if your trailer was to be really effective the author could be exposed to a number of existing and new fans.

POSITIVES: This would allow the reader and author to build a closer bond, the closer the reader feels to the author the more likely they are to share the video to new people. It could have a great effect on sales.

NEGATIVES: At the same time, some advertisements can simply be drowned by the internet, I think it is important that you consider the size and popularity of the product, would it really benefit from so much media exposure? Or would it simply flop?

Three: If someone has seen your title in a trailer posted on social media, the option to buy the book is just a click away for them. This way you have more chance of securing a sale because the book title is an image in their head.

POSITIVES: This is shown in instances such as Jamie Oliver and his cooking programmes, these come out before the book and this ensures that the book image and idea is in the customers head even before it is available.

NEGATIVES: You need to make sure that your trailer does your book justice, it needs to show off the books potential and excite customers, almost like a digital blurb…

So, after thinking about all this I’ve decided to experiment and have filmed and edited my own book trailer for How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff. I have made a couple of trailers for theatre performances before and found them to be an excellent marketing tool. Take a look, maybe it will convince you to read the book…



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